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Join me and help me shape the future of how we talk about, share about and debate (not fight) about what our financial lives should look like (for our homes and our businesses). At the root of the complexity, and for some of us, disaster or stress, is money. Let's get real this our our personal dreams. There's nothing to be afraid of or ashamed about because we are so much alike, us humans. I'm going on this journey with you so come along for the trip, the introspection, the fun and the off-road antics. Awareness-intention-accountability.
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Jul 29, 2016

We’re moving along in our summer series—now to Episode 3! My guest is Melissa Jones, who wears many hats in the creative world. She refers to herself as a “Creative Entrepreneur.” We can describe her as a designer, author, marketer, artist, editor, traveler, photographer, foodie, whiskey-lover, and shoe collector. Melissa runs her own business, helping people add polish to their personal and business branding with her brilliant design. Melissa believes in supporting companies who are devoted to making the world a better place. She lives for travel, new challenges, and adventures. She has trekked to over 40 countries with her pottery, painting, and photographs. Melissa’s new book is Women with Wanderlust, a Kindle edition available on Join me for an amazing conversation with Melissa!

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Jul 22, 2016

Let’s start with episode 2! Let’s have a delicious summer with Alex Jamieson! I am so excited to have her on the show and that she is honoring me with being one of the first people I interview. She is an entrepreneur with the spirit of a wise woman. She communicates so many ways with the world. She is the author of Women Food and Desire, she is a blogger, a true business woman and affiliations with people who can bring it all together that will help you with it comes to your nutrition. She is a mentor to so many women and also called the cravings whisperer.  

Show Notes:

  • What does listen to your body mean?
  • How does sleep affect your body?
  • What sort of things can mess with sleep?
  • What kinds of activities does she recommend for summer?
  • “Wanting what you want to want”
  • Go to the farmer's market!
  • Ayurveda? What’s that?

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Jul 15, 2016

Welcome to episode 1! We are going to splash into summer with Nick Snapp! Nick is a former corporate guy turned entrepreneur, a dad, husband and balances those things beautifully. I don’t know how he does it! He is a productivity expert. He is going to share with us some of his experiences on the show of how he got to the chapter he is in his life. 

Don’t forget to look for the karma!

Show Notes:

  • How did Nick get into podcasting?
  • What got him out of the corporate world?
  • What is his personal goal with his podcast?
  • How did Nick get into productivity?
  • How to bring up productivity to people in the summer
  • Set routines!

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