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Join me and help me shape the future of how we talk about, share about and debate (not fight) about what our financial lives should look like (for our homes and our businesses). At the root of the complexity, and for some of us, disaster or stress, is money. Let's get real this our our personal dreams. There's nothing to be afraid of or ashamed about because we are so much alike, us humans. I'm going on this journey with you so come along for the trip, the introspection, the fun and the off-road antics. Awareness-intention-accountability.
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Nov 16, 2016

In this episode, Deb tells the story of Kate and the very short friendship that has evolved between them, under the most unique circumstances. Money was in the entire story, Deb recalls, just as money is often involved in all of our life stories. 


Yet the money we experience in our lives – the money we earn, save, give, or take, really none of it has anything to do with our value as humans. All the money that you own could end up owning you instead.  Get all the earthly benefits that you can get from money, yet we need to detach ourselves from it so we can attend to our social relationships, and live a peaceful and prosperous life.


Deb’s guest is Beca Lewis, a Certified Financial Planner and author of 5 non-fiction books. She has also published short stories and a full-length fiction novel. All her books are found on Amazon. She writes the Shift Ezine, The Truth 4 Today email series, The Daily Nudge email series and the meditation series called Grace Notes. She has Master’s in Dance and ended up working for 20 years in a  large financial firm as a Certified Financial Planner. She is a mother, grandmother, and stepmother.


Show Notes


  • Deb and Beca met at a podcasting  event 
  • Share experiences with making shifts in your life
  • How to benefit from money yet be “detached” from it.
  • The Shift System works for anyone willing to choose and work it
  • Walk together toward the infinite 





Nov 3, 2016

Dan was told that everything he touched turned into gold. However, 13 of his businesses had already failed before he got the first opportunity to succeed. Deb gets a glimpse into the gleaming life of the multi-millionaire Dan Lok, who once worked as a grocery bagger in a supermarket in Canada at the age of 16. He and his family had migrated to Canada when he was only 14 years old. He had a tough cultural adjustment and was frequently bullied, and he eventually dropped out of college.

Now, he inspires people to build their dreams as entrepreneurs. He has received awards as the Best Online Retailer of 2012.  He has now authored 13 books, sold multiple businesses, is a martial arts expert, and a highly successful internet marketer, serial entrepreneur, and radio/TV personality.  He gives us all the details of his story in this episode.


You can read the full show notes and access all the links and resources at