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Join me and help me shape the future of how we talk about, share about and debate (not fight) about what our financial lives should look like (for our homes and our businesses). At the root of the complexity, and for some of us, disaster or stress, is money. Let's get real this our our personal dreams. There's nothing to be afraid of or ashamed about because we are so much alike, us humans. I'm going on this journey with you so come along for the trip, the introspection, the fun and the off-road antics. Awareness-intention-accountability.
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Aug 25, 2017

I’m in New York in the middle of tax season. I’m here for an event that I don’t really have time for, but I knew I would benefit from coming. So even though I don’t have time for it, and even though I am in the middle of tax season, I knew I had to come anyway. I could plan for it to have minimal impact, so I though “how can I not go?”. What are you saying "no" to that you would be better off taking advantage of!

Aug 18, 2017

Do you know what your gifts are? Are you leveraging them effectively? Today we are talking about gifts, and when I say gifts, I mean the things that you feel like you have a natural knack for and you excel at.


Using your gifts gives you an opportunity to show up for yourself. This is a growth mindset and it allows you to fully step into your power.


Many times your gifts may marry to opposing qualities. Then they become complementary skills.


The world needs you to show up with your skills! Collectively, there are opportunities that you can take advantage of by showing up!




Aug 11, 2017

Have you ever questioned yourself? Do you think you should do something just because you can? That’s what we’re talking about today. There are many things we are allowed to do because they are not illegal, but does that mean it’s ok to do it?

We do so many things because we can get away with it. But that doesn’t mean that it’s what is best for us. I went through one of these tough times when I was going through a divorce. I was in a bind with circumstances, but I also had a moral obligation. I probably could have declared bankruptcy legally, but would it have been the right thing for me to do. I needed to think about the long game and not make decisions only to get out of a jam. Just because you can make certain decisions, also think about the long term consequences. We can learn valuable lessons when bad things happen and we make good choices around it.


Aug 4, 2017

Many times we do things that do not align with our greater purpose. Sometimes we are closed off to the things that would make our lives what we really want them to be. In fact, our best lives are getting sacrificed on the altar of our current lives.


I’m a people pleaser, so this one has been a really hard thing for me. I get trapped in my daily life and it robs me of the future I desire. Many times we just need better boundaries to hold our dreams in a sacred space and not let anything interfere with it. It’s almost like we need selective hearing, so we can turn off the noise and only focus on what contributes to the life we really want.


Sometimes I am stubborn and I have to hit rock bottom before I take the steps to hold my dreams in the highest regard. Friends and likeminded community can help keep us on track. Sometimes we can be misguided and let this behavior overtake our lives. 


It takes courage to hit rock bottom and get back on the horse every day. Being brave instead of being misguided means you accept the fact that this journey may be messy and bumpy sometimes. It’s brave to be honest with yourself in your current state. It makes you grow up! 


See your life as it really is and you can improve your situation faster than you ever imagined. When you reframe misguided to brave, it will make a difference in your life.